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Situated in the historic village of Vil-Rodona is Celler Sanromá, where Eduard Sanromá Calaf is the youngest winemaker in the area crafting wines that speak to the territory, influence of the sea, and influence of the Montmell hills. Old vines and autochthonous varieties allow him to exhibit Tarragona’s terroir beautifully. His wines are fresh and bright, with some that are light on their feet and others that may be a little meatier in style but not broody or heavy. Eduard guides the wines to their final destination so eloquently while seamlessly integrating this small village’s complexities.

The Sanromá family have been farmers for four generations, and Eduard aims to shine a light on the beauty of Vil-Rodona, a village that may seem poor and rough, but is really so much more. It is one of the highest points in the Alt Camp, where the freshness of the sea swells between the mountains and Montmell Miramar.

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