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Both being young, very interested in alternative varieties, minimal intervention wines and winemaking, Ben and Mauricio decided to start a project that would allow them to have a little bit of fun, make small batch lighter wine styles from alternative varieties using minimal intervention to essentially make wines they wanted to drink, and explore less rigid winemaking. Somos means “we are” in Spanish, it is where they focus on using alternative and obscure varieties from sustainably farmed vineyards, and making them in a natural/minimal interventionist way. Native ferments, no additions except minimal SO2 and incorporating techniques that produce more interesting styles such as early pressing reds, whole bunch fermentation, skin contact and extended maceration whites and playing around with co-ferments and field blends from time to time. The driving philosophy is to make delicious, approachable wines from varieties that are less familiar to many people, that they want to drink, making them naturally, but in a clean and consistent way to allow everyone to enjoy them.

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