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Thirsting for freshness, texture, and a sense of place paired with interesting stories? You've come to the right place.


Passionate about wine made with integrity, we decided to take the plunge down the rabbit hole and share pieces of our favourite regions, varietals, and winemakers with British Columbians. Whether we've met the producer first-hand and thoroughly vetted them or done extensive research before approaching anyone, our goal at Minimalism is to always provide you with wines of the highest quality and drinkability, no corners cut.

After years of working with local wineries, wine shops, and distributors both small and large, we came to learn there was a large gap in a category that deserved to be filled with so much more than giant conglomerates and soulless, volume pushing brands. Though this gap still persists, there is a growing demand for wines that are environmentally conscious, that tell a story of their grower and maker, and that express their varietal through clarity and purity. This little piece of the pie is where we find our self in.

Welcome to Minimalism, where we import and distribute wines that are undressed, and reflective of their grower, maker, terroir, and varietal.


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