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Hi! Welcome! I appreciate your interest in learning more about Minimalism and the one woman show that's behind it. My name is Rawan.

2020 was an interesting year to say the least, it had its highs and its lows. The highest of highs, though? I got pregnant and also launched Minimalism, my brainchild that took years to bring to fruition and I'm so humbled by the reaction of our wine community thus far.

Minimalism was launched with a small but soulful portfolio with the intention of shining a light on humble producers that craft wine thoughtfully and consciously. There’s something for everyone. The style is premium and small production, but most importantly, the wines are made honestly, sustainably, and have killer drinkability.

Many of the wines I import are farmed organically or biodynamically, certified or not, by growers and farmers who are connected to their land, determined to leave it better than they found it. 

Drinking real, honest wine starts at the source of it all. Healthy vines grow in healthy soil, ultimately producing healthy grapes that allow us to get a taste and understanding of their terroir and the steward whose rough, rugged hands guided them into your glass as wine. Gentle, minimal intervention in the cellar allows these healthy grapes to share their stories, landscapes, and traditions through emotional wines that have a pulse and possess freshness and texture. This is what we crave, seek, and are building upon.

Your support has touched every single one of our lives. Thank you for diving down the rabbit hole with us, I hope you enjoy the ride and my discoveries. Please share your feedback, tag me in your photos, and keep drinking better!


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