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Located on the foothills of Monte Grappa, Calalta is surrounded by woods, olive trees, fruit trees and a pond that all promote a wide range of biodiversity with an advantageous microclimate. Calalta's work is respectful and delicate, they patiently and humbly take care of their winery, while still finding ways to have fun and stand out from the crowd.


Nicola and his wife Giulia personally take care of all the production process, from vineyard to cellar, with a special focus on respecting the ecosystem and preserving the authentic characteristics of terroir. Majority of the work in the vineyard is done by hand and under organic management. They avoid using pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides. Instead, they plant a variety of grass species and legumes which grow until blooming. This procedure helps nourish the soil and attract bees that pollinate and ladybirds that fight harmful bugs. Nicola and Giulia's wines are an honest reflection of the features of the terroir, the singularity of each vintage, and share the best parts of who he is and what Calalta represents.

Striving to preserve the authentic expression of the land and its grapes, Calalta uses a minimal amount of sulphites and avoids any other kind of intervention by use of additives, clarification or filtration. However, they never lose a sense of curiosity and wonder, Nicola and Giulia continue to have fun experimenting with different vinification processes and techniques.

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