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Raw wine, raw olive oil, and raw wildflower honey.


Guido and Nicola are the masterminds behind Elios, producing some of the best in food and wine that Sicily has to offer. In 2015, Guido and Nicola's love for nature and Sicily brought them to a crossroads in their own careers causing them to choose a path less traveled - that of agriculture.


They decided to produce delicious, chemical-free, sustainably made wines from grapes their parents once sold to large wineries, thereby giving their grapes a real shot at expressing their true character. Cultivating their own dreams for a change, they have created Modus Bibendi Bianco (Grillo), Modus Bibendi Bianco Macerato (Grillo, Catarratto, Zibibbo), Modus Bibendi Rosso (Nero d'Avola), Katamacerato (Catarratto), and Glou Glou Rosso (Nerello Mascalese) - which, as the name would suggest, is a highly crushable, juicy red no matter the time of year.


In addition, Guido and Nicola produce high-quality extra virgin olive oil from hand-harvested, chemical-free olives that come from a grove in the Alcamo area at an altitude of 300 metres. Nearby, they also have an apiary on a hill that is mostly uncultivated, where their native Sicilian bees fly over a myriad of wild flowers. As a result, Guido and Nicola are able to extract high quality wildflower honey and sometimes, even, small quantities of monofloral honey.

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