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Pure and full of life, the wines of Valentin Montanet are ethereal and have aided in putting the small town of Vézelay (one of Burgundy's best kept secrets) on the map.


The Montanets are conscientious, genuine, talented winegrowers that truly know how to interpret their terroir. Since joining his parents' estate full time in 2010, Valentin now runs the estate, continuing his family's legacy of organic farming and little-to-no intervention in winemaking. His red and white wines are fresh and exceptionally mineral.


Year after year, Valentin makes strides in moving the estate forward, while at the same time advancing Vézelay's young'ish appellation and giving it a vibrant personality of its own. Since being awarded its own AOC in 1997, the Montanets' hard work in establishing the wines of their hometown has proven to be rewarding.

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