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Fausto and Cinzia Cellario of Poderi Cellario are third generation growers and winemakers from the western village of Carrù in the stunning Langhe. Working only with indigenous varieties to the Piedmont, you will be able to enjoy some really expressive wines that are both true to varietal and light-hearted (made from Favorita, Nascetta and Grignolino, to name a few).

Fausto has a wild, rebellious energy about him that certainly seeps into their joyful, fun-loving, non-conformist wines. What can you expect? Mostly larger formats (a few 1L, one 2L) and a couple 750MLs that are astoundingly refreshing, bright and juicy, with aromatics, earthiness and spiciness that keep you on your toes. Biodynamically farmed, spontaneously fermented, low/no sulphites - you know the drill.

These are wines that can be thoroughly enjoyed by the glass, by the bottle, as an aperitivo or with your pizza. No stress, just some damn good wine made by the people for the people, with nothin’ but love & soul.

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