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Panayiotis Papagiannopoulos is the co-owner, oenologist and magician behind the wines of Tetramythos from Ana Diakopto of Achaea in the Peloponnese. Panayiotis is known for being one of the most innovative wine producers in Greece. Humble with great dedication, he has saved local grapes from extinction and has a special way of using the amphora of the past in the present. Each wine is certified organic and comes from Tetramythos’ own vineyards at an altitude of 800 meters in the windswept mountains of the Kalavryta area, an area which in addition to vineyards, steep hillsides, deep forests, rivers and stalactite caves is also known for Greece's largest ski area.


Panayiotis expresses the dynamism of Greek viticulture rather beautifully: a future clearly rooted in the past. He studied oenology in Athens in the 90s, which led him down a path of winemaking in the lands near Patras. It is in this region, rich in wine history, that the first "pithos" (amphora) are said to have been made. Panayiotis works with unique grape varieties, including Black Kalavrytino and the famous Roditis. His approach in the vineyard and cellar is organic, sustainable, and hands-off, allowing the wines to be unique, pure and rooted in their terroir. Certainly one of the most beautiful expressions of Peloponnese terroir.

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