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The old world has inspired many of the winemaking decisions at The Hermit Ram. Tiny vineyard sites that are organically farmed, ancient techniques and bright New Zealand flavour are at the core of Theo Coles' principles. These wines take NZ fruit to a whole other level and on a totally different journey, where there are no rules except that the end result must be delicious and true to its source.

The Canterbury region is where you'll find Theo making wines of minimal intervention, while crafting wines of depth, complexity, and individuality. Much of this complexity is sourced from active clay limestone soils that impart bright acidity and salinity in the wine.

Inspired by the smells and textures of the Pacific coast, the grasslands, mountains, and native forests, Theo crafts wines that are rugged yet beautiful, elegant and focused yet with enough raw edges to remind you of the wildness of New Zealand. Every wine has its own unique story to tell.

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